Friday, October 07, 2011

Uber-Vultures: The Billionaires Who Would Pick Our President

by: Greg Palast, Truthout | Investigative Report

Billionaire 1: Ken Langone

Hedge fund magnate Paul Singer likes to breakfast on decayed carcasses. What he chews down is sickening, but just as nausea-inducing are his new tablemates: billionaires Ken Langone and the Koch Brothers, Charles and David

Welcome to the nightmare. Singer, Langone and the Kochs last month decided to elect Chris Christie for us. The New Jersey governor's pseudocampaign went belly up before it began. But that's beside the point. Now that the Supreme Court has effectively ended campaign finance limits and allowed secretive contributions through "corporations," this new combine of the ultrawealthy should not be viewed as just a political threat to the Democrats, but as a threat to democracy.

What qualifies Langone to pick our president? In his own words: "I'm nuts; I'm rich."

Billionaires 2 and 3: David and Charles Koch

Billionaire 4: Paul Singer

Read this article. It'll turn your stomach and confirms the study reported on in the story
by David Sirota linked to below.

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