Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Much Online, 10 October, 2011 "Plutocrats & Potholes"

[Introduction to this week's informative issue.]
Last week, in the world’s two most unequal nations, people committed to forging a more equal future had reasons to cheer.

In the United States, Americans from all walks of life marched en masse — in the heart of Wall Street and beyond — to support the young people now occupying public squares all across the nation. Occupy Wall Street, an object of media ridicule only a few short weeks ago, has emerged as a spirited new social force. The whole world is watching.

In Britain last week, far below the global mass media radar, the local lawmakers elected last year to run one of London’s most unequal boroughs adopted what may be the world’s first serious local government action plan for combating inequality “both from the bottom up and — where top pay or pay differentials are excessive — from the top down.”

We’ve covered, in past issues of Too Much, the drive for “fairness” in London’s Islington borough. And we’ll have deeper coverage on both Islington and the evolving egalitarian ethos of Occupy Wall Street — “We are the 99 percent!” — in future issues. This week: more on that top 1 percent and its latest depredations.

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