Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Too Much, October 17, 2011 Issue: "'Student Loans' for Billionaires"

We are the 99 percent. The rallying cry of Occupy Wall Street has gone viral and become, almost overnight, a world-wide phenomenon. The top of the top 1 percent, meanwhile, is so far resolutely holding the line.

Salon, the online magazine, earlier this month asked all the billionaires on the Forbes 400 list if they, like their fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, are “willing to pay higher taxes.” Of the 400 billionaires queried, Salon reported last week, exactly eight, counting Buffett, indicated they would be willing.

But other affluents in the top 1 percent are declaring solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and quite movingly so, online at We are the 1 percent, We stand with the 99 percent. Reads one entry: “People my age struggle to . . . follow their dreams while being told they’re not trying hard enough. I haven’t worked any harder than they have. I stand with the 99 percent. And I want the system to change.”

How might that change come about? In this Too Much, we explore some options.

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