Saturday, October 08, 2011

Roasting Rush Ball Pt. 2, Saturday High Noon, Radio Free Kansas

Could the "prominent person" who predicted to Rush Limbaugh that President Obama will create "riots in the streets" to get re-elected be one of the Kansas Koch Bros.?

Listen in to "Rush Ball" audio releases to be aired on the show today.

He has spent the week attacking the Occupy Wall Street demos now spreading across the country.

He is in deep pain ... lol.

Want a vent?

Have some fun with us today as we share his pain.

Call in today, during the first hour.
646 716 8652

Also ... OCCUPY KC, assembling this Sunday 1pm @ Penn Valley Park with music, marching to the Plaza @ 4pm, hear UMKC Professor Bill Black, a former bank regulator who put several in jail in the 80s, speak around 6pm.

Radio Free Kansas

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