Friday, October 07, 2011

Kevin Drum: "Rick Perry's Spectacular Fall From Grace" @ Mother Jones

Drum makes a nice hot linked list "in one place" for readers to use. Perry, unless he can pour some dirty political trick out of his boots on Romney lasted less than the Palin family vaudeville show. Read Uncle Academic's latest take posted below.

Let it not be forgotten, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback with his hasty endorsement of Perry's campaign bid, fresh from all the fasting, praying and hollering down at the Reliant Stadium in Texas, may have shot off both big political toes.

The Wichita Koch brothers piled campaign cash on both of them.

Kansans will be stuck with the task of throwing Sam out of office, or he may cling to his statehouse office like lint.

Keep Drum's list handy for your relatives this Halloween.

Get it at Mother Jones.

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