Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joe Lambe: "Johnson County exits Kline lawsuit for $7500" @ The Kansas City Star

The Johnson County Republican Party is getting off dirt cheap who appointed their snickering 'pro-life" weasel Phill Kline to the District Attorney's office after losing his re-election bid for state Attorney General. Reporter Lambe writes:

Kline, former Kline administrator Stephen Maxwell and the State of Kansas remain as defendants in the lawsuit by Jacqie Spradling.

She contends Kline sexually discriminated against her when he was county district attorney in 2007 and fired her for complaining about it.

And that is just the tip of the dung heap piled high on the heads of Kansans by the "pro-life" gangsters from the Topeka statehouse.

Kline had undercover state police doing stake-outs at abortion clinics, running vehicle plates the better to stalk women seeking abortions while "pro-life" protesters stood by to taunt them entering the clinics.

Kline, during his years in office as the State's head cop, waged a clandestine war against licensed physicians performing abortions in Kansas, using secretive grand juries and gag orders, depriving doctors of their 1st and 5th Amendment rights with repeated threats of immediate incarceration, trading intelligence with convicted domestic terrorists, and letting henchmen lie to obtain the private medical records of patients.

Kline, has recently been found unethical by the state disciplinary board of attorneys recommending to the Kansas Supreme Court that he never be allowed to have a law license in the state.

Kline is now making the powerful national "pro-life" speaking circuit, collecting "defense" fees and being made into another murdering martyr to their cause to prohibit women of birth control.

From the Christian News Wire Tom Ciesielka writes that Kline will be speaking before the Life Legal Defense Foundation at a swanky Oakland, California hotel next Saturday, November 5th.

At the core of Kline's crusade against women is the critical confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship, more important than that of a priest to the confessor, or a lawyer to the client.

Kansas City Star reporters Joe Lambe and Brad Cooper just posted this stunning story detailing the destruction of state medical records alleged to have contained evidence of crimes committed by Planned Parenthood.

Critics allege that Kline's elected successor to Attorney General, Paul Morrison, was blackmailed by a "pro-life" operative and co-worker who had a torrid sexual relationship with him. Morrison resigned from office to "save his marriage."

Again, Johnson County got off cheap after. in league with the State of Kansas, trampling over the civil and human rights of women who had abortions and the doctors who provided them.

The next outrage to be perpetuated by the powerful "pro-life" forces, including Gov. Sam Brownback, will occur the day before Kline flies out to Oakland to collect his fees, on Friday November 4th at the office of the state's Board of Healing Arts, where a complaint originally filed by convicted "pro-life" domestic terrorist and "Senior Policy Advisor" for the infamous gangster syndicate Operation Rescue, is being used to destroy the medical career of Ann Kristin Neuhaus, M.D.

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