Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coming Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 @ The Tivoli Theater, Westport, Kansas City, Mo.

A project of the Kansas City Columbia Support Network
From Contributing Editor Dave Davis' email regarding this special event where members from the 'sister cities' in Columbia will be present for Q&A after the Tivoli Theater screening:

I anticipate a lively discussion highlighting their onerous conditions with regard to preservation of their territory, crop fumigation resulting in ill infants, young people, and older adults, the pillage of land for natural resources including water, petroleum, gold, silver, copper, zinc, lumber, and the list goes on to infinitum. Other concerns are the armed groups forcing displacement from constitutionally guaranteed lands. These groups include the army, national police, private paramilitaries, rebels in a nearly 50 year long civil war, and drug running narco traffickers often protected by any one of the aforementioned groups. In separate regions, the drug smuggling may be facilitated by any one of the armed actors. All have been implicated in different departments.

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