Sunday, September 04, 2011

"This Week in the War on Women" @ Daily Kos

...These "licensing" requirements passed by the rabidly anti-woman legislature, with the equally rabidly anti-woman Gov. Sam Brownback all too happy to sign this crap into law, establish regulations for, among other things, lighting and bathrooms used in clinics that provide health care to women. And gosh, if the state sends in one of its investigators and finds out they've got the wrong light bulbs in there or the toilet paper isn't folded just right, well, shucks, they're just going to have to shut down that clinic. Because, you know, it's all about making it safe for women. And the governor just loves women so much, he appointed the attorney for the terrorist group Operation Rescue to serve on the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which monitors and licenses health care professionals in the state. Because certainly he wouldn't have an agenda that just happened to deny licenses to women's health care providers, right?...

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