Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Night Blues on Radio Free Kansas," Cyber Luddism!"

Cyber Luddism

Tonight a special broadcast of Unwelcome Guests #560 from The A-Info Radio Project.

The program description, as follows:

"This week, we aim to reclaim the word 'Luddism', looking at the political aspect of their ideas. We start with two soundtracks. First, from Brendan McCooney's 20 minute video, Robots vs. Luddites, which looks at the Luddite rebellion of 1811-1816 from a Marxist perspective, examining the importance of the social relationships and the social power structure in the history of the Luddites. Secondly, a 1980's BBC program entitled New Technology Whose Progress? continues the focus on robotics, and looks critically at the ongoing computerization of business, encouraging thinking beyond narrow confines of 'increased productivity' into the broader context of wider effects of technologies upon society.

Our second hour starts with The Triumph of General Ludd by Chumbawumba. Then we hear some thoughts on how 'Luddite', like 'hacker' is a word that is maligned by a corporate controlled media unwilling to acceptable its political dimension. I briefly explain some software I've been working on this Summer, WikipediaPlus . Then its our m
ain speaker, Ned Ludlam from the Luddites 200 Organising Forum, who gives a historical account of Luddism, focusing on the political aspects relevant to the 21st century, looking at which technologies modern day resistance in the spirit of Ned Ludd might oppose."

Radio Free Kansas network audio quality is mono at 32 bit, acceptable for talk, but little else.

This program is available, as are many from the archives, in full stereo at the link Unwelcome Guests 560, discerning listeners can download it free.

Our thanks to them for allowing use of their programming, consider a donation to their work at The A-Info Radio Project. "

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