Friday, September 23, 2011

Dave Johnson: "Conservatives Say It Out Loud: They Hate Democracy" @ Our Future

Hot link Flyer contributor Uncle Academic comments:
You'll be amazed (well, maybe not!) at the quotations -- some on video -- compiled here. Finally the toads are coming out from under the rocks they've been lurking under all these years. Now we know what they mean by "the original intent of the founders." Universal suffrage, it seems, is profoundly "unAmerican."

I'm wondering if they'd be comfortable with the idea that people who don't meet the property requirement they have in mind for voting were also exempt from taxes and (if we went back to conscription) military service.

" ... We are not dealing with the Republican Party we used to know. This is not even George W. Bush's Republican party anymore. ... "

Examine the audio, video and extensive quotations that prove it so at Campaign for America's Future.

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