Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Too Much Weekly, 01 August 2011


Twenty-five million Americans looking for full-time jobs last month could not find them. How is the American political system responding to this crisis? In Iowa last week, a governor hot on halving the state taxes corporations pay killed legislation that would have kept open Iowa’s 36 unemployment offices.

The governor says Iowa’s 100,000 jobless don’t need local offices where they can get help finding work and applying for unemployment benefits. He’s urging jobless Iowans to hit their local libraries instead and look for help on the Internet.

America’s rich, of course, don’t have to go online to find help. They have legions of lawmakers intensely devoted to their welfare, as last week’s debt ceiling debate once again demonstrated. Congress and the White House now agree that no “solution” to the ceiling crisis will dare raise taxes on America’s swells.

In other words, the debt ceiling, one way or another, will eventually rise. So will inequality. Did the debt ceiling debate have to end this way? This week, in Too Much, we peer back into history for help on the answer. ...

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