Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rhonda Holman, Ed-Op Board: "OK to Push Marriage?" @ The Wichita Eagle

Before the Texas size man-huddle prayer festival with Gov. Rick Perry our Gov. Brownback was plotting with polygamists, read this excerpt:

"The bad first impression started in April, when Brownback and Siedlecki brought some national advocates to Topeka for a brainstorming session. It took a Kansas Open Records Act request and several months to reveal the $13,000 cost and the guest list, including attendees who variously have declared that polygamy better aligns with core values than does same-sex marriage, that poor women should marry their way out of poverty, and that Kansas should prohibit no-fault divorce without proof of physical abuse or adultery and also allow judges to reward the spouse opposing a divorce with up to 66 percent of child visitation and 100 percent of family assets.

And it seems highly hypocritical and contradictory for the Brownback administration to be applying for $6.6 million in federal funding to promote marriage after having rejected $31.5 million in federal funds related to health care reform because, as the governor said at the time, “every state should be preparing for fewer federal resources.”

Read more at The Wichita Eagle.

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