Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nick Ross: "LulzSec Leader: a 21st Century Billy the Kid?" @ ABC Technology & Games Blog

[Introduction to the current controversy of Sabu's historical legacy.]

Being the most notorious hacker in the world is a lonely place to be. For months, the hacker known as Sabu, hacker for the Anonymous hacktivist collective and leader of the Lulzsec hacking group, has been leading the best of the world's law enforcement on a Benny Hill-style chase across the globe - thumbing his nose at their Keystone Cops-like inability to catch him. But the Benny Hill music is fading and the people running with him have been gradually picked off, or fallen by the wayside, one by one. He's been running alone lately and an ominous recent Twitter message suggests that Sabu may have had enough and vanished into the night.

Read this informative article by Nick Ross at ABC Technology & Games.

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