Thursday, July 14, 2011

Justin Kendall: "Tea Party Cancels KCK Freedom Jamboree" @ The KC Pitch Plog

Remember When?
They Were Young & Ready To Defend the Empire.

At $100 for an exhibition booth to participate in a "straw poll" to select from an array of far-right scarecrow presidential candidates promoting 250 year old myths about "the founding fathers" from the Church of Free Market Miracles, is it any wonder?

If that wasn't enough to kill the Tea Party movement; multi-millionaire Sarah Palin glam-dances with the Mainstream Media plutocrats, Michelle Bachmann blows off Log Cabin Republicans, the Ron Paulians neglect Ayn Rand's sado-masochistic love for "Libertarian" Alan Greenspan and the beat goes on and on as the John Birch Society of colonial American dressed scarecrows rattle in the dry wind.

Speaking of political climate change, is there such a bird as a bomb throwing, gun rubbing anarchist? Many times democracy is expedited (killed) by the likes, pursuing shortcuts and quick remedies for a sick nation of amnesiacs.

One of our favorite writers at The Plog, Justin Kendall blasts a double barrel load of journalism in just a few short paragraphs. Read it here.

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