Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Nebraska Nuclear Electrical Generation Plants declared "No Fly Zones", 17 June 2011

Special Alert!

Did your Kansas news media cover this?

Although mostly ignored by the corporate media, and downplayed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the historic flooding on the Missouri River has partially submerged two nuclear power stations near Omaha, NE.

One of them, the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Facility, experienced an electrical fire, briefly shutting down spent fuel rod coolant on 7 June. It is now classified as a "Level 4 Event", the most serious, and the FAA has issued no-fly zone around both plants. Readers may know that ongoing danger at the Fukushima nuclear disaster comes from fuel rod coolant evaporation releasing airborne radiation.

Flooding of the Missouri River has been projected to be possibly worse than that of 1951 and 1993. Flood levels are expected to continue to rise by five feet near Omaha.

Some analysts are warning that if an upstream Missouri River dam should break, the nukes could then suffer a "tsunami type" of flooding.

It is becoming understood that the U.S. nuclear plants are becoming threatened far more than emergency plans anticipated, because of climate change triggered extreme weather such as floods and tornadoes.

To learn the latest on this emergency, click on the following web sites:

Sustainability Action Network, P.O. Box 1064, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA

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