Monday, June 20, 2011

"Greed at a Glance", Too Much On-line Weekly, 20 June 2011


You could call the Los Angeles home that Petra Ecclestone has just purchased the ultimate starter house. Ecclestone, at only 22, is, after all, just starting out. But her new house, on the other hand, doesn’t quite qualify as a fixer-upper. This new abode — the Beverly Hills manse of former TV producer Aaron Spellman — just recently rated as “the most expensive home in America.” Spellman’s widow put the 100-room mansion up for sale two years ago at $150

million. Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, reportedly paid just $85 million. Her new home sports rooms specially designed for gift wrapping, wine tasting, and flower cutting, plus a service wing with five bedrooms for maids and two butler suites . . .

Deep pockets who appreciate luxury digs but don’t want the hassle of finding someone to cut the grass have a rather new exotic option these days. They can buy a residential apartment on a luxury ocean liner. The largest of this breed: The World, a 165-apartment floater that wealthy refugees from 53 different nations currently call home. They pay up to $7.9 million each for the apartments, and another $240,000 in annual fees, and spend their time circumnavigating the globe.The World — longer than two football fields in length — takes two years to complete each circumnavigation, and the residents vote on each two-year itinerary. This month’s most notable stops: London, Edinburgh, and Oslo . . .

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