Monday, May 16, 2011

Yasmeen Ali: "Who Should Protect Whom?" @ Pakpourri2's Blog


The USA was attacked on 9/11 right? The aero planes went right under the noses of whosoever the noses belonged to, to the twin towers of the Trade Center in New York City, crashing not one, but two aero planes into the towers, causing both to collapse, and many died, both, who were in the plane and those who worked at the target. Yet, USA never contemplated, asking UN, NATO Forces, or any other country, independently, of deploying their forces with feet on USA soil, to guard their nuclear booty. Why on earth not? Al-Qaeda are after every American right? They are totally racist, right? So does it not make sense that USA’s nuclear arsenal must be protected from future terrorist attacks and possible take over by the terrorists?

Then comes the twist in the story: ...

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