Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tom Englehardt: "Imperial Decline: How Does it Feel to Be Inside a Dying Empire?" @ AlterNet

Ed. Note: I have over the last few years (since reading the late Dr. Chalmers Johnson's books) unsuccessfully tried to pass this type of analysis along to prominent Kansas politicians, delusional Glenn Beck fans, old-time Republicans & Democrats, Koch Libertards and many plain proletarian Podunks like me.

Only a very few have acted upon the information. I fear a sudden, horrible decline in democratic rights in this country, if another precipitous economic decline takes place. Dr. Alfred McCoy, as heard most recently on the Tom Dispatch podcast and linked down the scroll, is saying the possibility is acute.

Here is Tom Englehardt, who along with Dr. Johnson and others formed the original American Empire Project.

Their work changed my thinking, forever. Encourage all you know to consider and discuss this subject. - MC

From the title line:
Could this be what it’s like to watch, paralyzed, as a country on autopilot begins to come apart at the seams while still proclaiming itself “the greatest nation on Earth”? ...
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