Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ray McGovern: "News Flash: Iraq War Was About Oil" @ Consortium News

While much of the Western world's eyes are being trained on the royal marriage in Great Britain another more coherent narrative of history is discovered ....


" ... So, if you don’t tune in to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now or read the British press, you would have missed the latest documentary evidence showing that Great Britain’s Lords and Ladies lied about how big oil companies, like BP, lusted after Iraqi oil in the months leading up to the attack on Iraq.

Oil researcher Greg Muttitt’s new book Fuel on Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq presents that evidence, since Muttitt had better luck than his American counterparts in getting responses to his Freedom of Information requests.

After a five-year struggle, he obtained more than 1,000 official documents which — how to say this — do not reflect well on the peerage, the captains of the oil industry, and the government of Tony Blair. ... "

Read more of retired Senior CIA Analyst Ray McGovern at Consortium News.

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