Friday, April 15, 2011

Dave Twiddy: "NBAF gets $40mln for construction" @ KC Business Journal

Kansas Elite Outs Itself in Bioscience Scandals

The Kansas elite are fighting in the barnyard like cats and dogs for the diseased spoils of a $650 million federal pork pie, including $150 million in Manhattan, Ks. tax abatement. Kansas tax payers have annually contributed $35 million to build a fund of over $500 million, which has been used to promote the Kansas elite business interests, for the Kansas elite.

Whether they be reactionary social conservatives or liberal political leaders, the scandal has more to do with which of them receives the lion's share of the diseased spoils.

Creating an insignificant number of research jobs, dangerous animal research labs scattered all along the I-70 "corridor" has nothing to offer the unemployed, unskilled, hungry and poor.

For the Kansans at the bottom, only a superstitious belief in "faith-based" charities and "libertarian" fantasies of the "free market" will exist after Gov. Brownback and other neocon elites are finished with the state.

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