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Friday, April 06, 2007

Students Pelt Karl Rove In Protest - Videos - WRC

Big Karl shows up at night to an "invitation-only" campus Republican soiree where more vacuous empire talk drooled from the mouths of the pigheaded on the American University campus. Then reality strikes with several dozen students surrounding Big Karl's limousine trying to arrest him as he leaves the youthful GOP war rally! Anyone out there counting the number enlisting in the military after Turd Blossom delivered his rousing speech?

Hat tip to Truthdig for this link. It takes you to D.C.'s NBC channel 4 web site where you must watch the dumb but "brief" advertisement before the grainy film rolls.

Note the lousy headline editor-at-work on the banner below with "Rove Attacked" which should be "Rove's Limo Blocked" or "Rove Armed Escorts Work" or "Rove Thwarts Arrest with Armed Posse" Well, you get the idea. As if "pelting" a car (whatever that is) warrants a personal assault. The Busheviks are foaming from their mouths in the news studios over this embarrassing moment of truth.

What is funny? The reporter pointed out that there were no arrests made and the incident lasted less than "five minutes." A campus organizer did get some truth through the corporate news filter with, "in 24 hours we were able to organize over 50 people."

Here is the corrected headline link, so you Republican lurkers out there won't feel so bad: Students Pelt Karl Rove's Car

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