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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran, Counterpunch, 12 Oct 2006

Reporting from Nazareth, Israel another important "on the ground" article from Jonathan Cook analyzing BBC's recent documentary on the on-going preparations for military action in the Persian Gulf. Cook premises the credible threat the Zionists controlling Israel pose in escalating and influencing world opinion, particularly U. S. foreign policy.

Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran

The BBC and Israeli Propaganda

October 12, 2006

The Middle East, and possibly the world, stands on the brink of a terrible conflagration as Israel and the United States prepare to deal with Iran's alleged ambition to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel, it becomes clearer by the day, wants to use its air force to deliver a knock-out blow against Tehran. It is not known whether it will use conventional weapons or a nuclear warhead in such a strike.

At this potentially cataclysmic moment in global politics, it is good to see that one of the world's leading broadcasters, the BBC, decided this week that it should air a documentary entitled "Will Israel bomb Iran?". It is the question on everyone's lips and doubtless, with the imprimatur of the BBC, the programme will sell around the world.

The good news ends there, however. Because the programme addresses none of the important issues raised by Israel's increasingly belligerent posture towards Tehran.

Read the complete article below, or click the title headline above, and go immediately to Mr. Cook's web site managed from Nazareth, Israel:
Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran, Counterpunch, 12 Oct 2006

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