Monday, April 18, 2005

Posted on the Round Rooster Barn Circuit last weekend.

A Country Curmudgeon’s take on:
Tree House Hero’s short feature movie
"Four More Years."

By yer scribbling publisher, Michael Caddell

Tree House Hero
"Four More Years"
[3.5 Meg secured live line feed.]


Someone in Kansas needs to see the scariest short feature movie made before the pope's funeral.

(Since it has been 24/7 wall to wall Popery [post-national vegetative state ala Florida] I think some confession and penitence is in order. The much-awaited but delayed installment of the "Bush Phone Tree" series is my rotten fault. I have confessed to have been to the tree house, did not find anyone there and snuck off with a picture. I credited it at the time when churning on the cut line, but it was without notification. You know the photo of the "white trash" Republican sitting on his porch toilet.

It is located here: scroll down you cannot miss it. I have stopped gore viewing the pope's funeral long enough and struck by a desire for contrition from the neighborhood Tree House Hero write these words. The internet neighborhood is that small folks. The film "Four More Years" linked upstairs is another genius discomfort production who gave us the sorely missed drunk Republican porch monkey. - see * note below.)

The animated feature "Four More Years" is no flash and burn - quick edit to pounding music. This is the kind of dark humor that will be flashing on public computer monitors along the dirty hallways of some future worker anthill housing our grandchildren.

Believe me the short feature is that good. I have my friends over and watch their mouths drop open from the images while hearing the Bush barely edited voice-over.

The flashes of Bush "666" carved Charlie Manson style upon Mt. Rushmore, the head pikes and crucifixions of Lady Liberty will give the hardest Passion of Christ viewers flashback attacks while eating their vote for our "war on the brain" fearless leader. The visible brain warp shown on the faces of viewers is worth inviting "Last Supper" style the next-door neighbors, or even better Ma and Pa Kettle down the road.

Debt slaves and low wage conservatives need to view this while over to the home sucking suds and yucking over the baseball game on the teevee. The classic runs shorter than the commercials and is a great trick to play on them when it's grill time at the BBQ. Another good setting is to seat them with headsets on at damn near full blast and leave the room.

Tree House Hero is a venerable title of honor among Kansans since so many sodbusters working for the spreading tentacles of the Big Ag Combines are bulldozing down hedgerows in pursuit of every square inch of ground for profit.

A “Tree House Hero” is as good as one can expect to be called in a land where trees are rarely spared the Dust Bowl imperative of free market economics, out here Bush rules are applied. The current rage among farmers has been to cultivate the land for the “bio - diesel” fuel “alternative.” “Bio – diesel fuels” a rather fashionable oxymoronic phrase is sweeping the patriotic “War on Terrorism” rural economy.

Blow-dried, pancake make up graduates from the local University School of Journalism stand in the daunting plowed fields hold their microphones up to the gravel voiced, heavily mortgaged landed tenant pontificate on “doing our part” in making America “free from foreign oil” and “energy independent.”

Bull doze the trees and hedgerows, drive out the wildlife and grow what you ask? More soybeans and corn, of course. Damn few Tree House Heroes in Kansas.

The Internet is spreading throughout the Kansas countryside …

Computer internet hooks in the countryside are popping up everywhere so when the day comes for an internet bar in Nortonville, Ks. I know what I am going to do.

I can see the red-cheeked glow of the same friendly Bush loving Hayseed as he stumbles up to the internet feed at the local veteran's bar and clicks that connection to the Tree House Hero link.

He bobs a little, sways slightly, burps, and starts mumbling about "what that damns Fightin' Cock dick is talking about … a Tree House Hero?"

He clicks and the images start flashing across his face.

Another Kansas hayseed gurgling beer and mumbling about "gettin' screwed again" or some widowed church lady sitting quietly at her computer staring wide – eyed and murmuring in a post – Pope JP haze “I always thought he was evil.”

Go there and check out a real Tree House Hero at:
*A short revision since circulated on the reader list.
See, the internet is that small! Blue Barn HQ just received official word from our Tree House Hero to charge forward with our truthseeking project!
The drunk Republican porch monkey will be returning with new low wage conservative friends in the not - so - distant future. The end is near, hope you have a sense of humor.

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