Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dave Lindorff: MILITARY SPENDING IS 66.3% DISCRETIONARY BUDGET @ This Can't Be Happening!

[Excerpt] ... Economist Dean Baker, in an article published at NationofChange [2], complains that the New York Times never explains the federal budget in a way that Americans can comprehend, because it publishes big numbers, like the billions of dollars spent on welfare or on foreign aid, but never notes that neither of those "big" numbers amounts to even 1% of the federal budget. His critique is correct as far as it goes, but like all too many liberal analysts, Baker studiously fails to note a few really BIG numbers in the budget that also don't get mentioned by the Times and the rest of the corporate media, either as a number or as a percentage.

This is a big failing of the liberal left: not calling out the Hannibal's war elephant in the room. ... [End of Excerpt]

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