Thursday, December 29, 2016

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December, 2016
Dear friends:

Jonathan Lapin
Director, FSRN Board
FSRN needs your help now.  Please put the next thing on your agenda aside for a few minutes.  The life, freedom, water, air, education, and rights you save may be your own.
As 2016 draws to a close, many of us look to 2017 with fear and loathing.  The legislative picture at the state and local level is even more challenging than the national picture.  Incoming right-wing politicians are vowing to undo decades of progress for organized labor, public education, and the ability to sue for discrimination or to sue for injuries caused by defective devices.
At the federal level, our President-elect has demonized and marginalized the press.  Press conferences are a thing of the past; Twitter and other internet outlets are used to spread propaganda and falsehoods directly to a population that is wary of a corrupt, lazy, and vacuous mainstream media.
But there are bright spots in the gathering clouds.  Triggered by DAPL, the unprecedented solidarity of tribal nations, their non-native allies, and veterans may be a harbinger of real and more permanent changes to come.  There are reports that some progressive charities are seeing a large increase in donations since the US election.  People are turning to alternative media in even larger numbers, having seen the mainstream's role in the US election.
With this volatile new landscape, FSRN is asking that you give all you can and get three new donors to do the same. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to our staff and reporters.  We don't own infrastructure or pay rent.  The Board members are volunteers.  There may be no independent outlet with lower overhead and almost seventeen years of history.  It is literally up to you whether we raise our hand in defiance of the coming storm or succumb to the darkness.
I won't mince words.  FSRN must get your help to keep going.  Consider the breadth and veracity of our coverage.  Consider that we operate for a year on sums of money that other outlets waste in a week.  Give all you can as if free speech depends on it.
Because it does.
Jonathan Lapin



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