Sunday, October 18, 2015

Daily Kos Recommended

A mix of some the top stories of the week, all-time classics, and cartoons on Daily Kos, America's largest community for the progressive grassroots.
A little known but potentially fantastic provision of the Affordable Care Act

Indiana state trooper pulls woman over and asks ‘do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?’

Cartoon: Conservatives gone wild

Trump ignores cease-and-desist letter from rock legend, continues using song at rallies

Signature needed: Stand with Bernie Sanders for President to protect Planned Parenthood.

His plea to responsible gun owners went mega-viral, and he’s using it to launch a movement

Paul Ryan says men in inner cities aren’t ‘even thinking about working’

The one simple word that drew thunderous applause at the Democratic debate

In Houston, it’s illegal to feed the homeless and for the homeless to feed themselves

Shooting victim’s father: ‘Why wasn’t something done? It’s outrageous!’

Sign if you agree with EMILY's List: GOP men are pursuing dangerous policies with their anti-choice attacks on Planned Parenthood.

Reporter in Alaska confesses she owns a cannabis club, and quits on live TV in dramatic fashion

Missouri GOP lawmaker wants to require women to get their abuser’s permission for abortion

NASA releases massive library of sounds recorded in space

President Carter first to use solar panels on the White House in 1979. Guess who took them down?

Guess who’s the major stakeholder in Canada’s oil sands? Of course, it’s the Kochs.

Bill O’Reilly throws temper tantrum after Media Matters exposes his new book as ‘total BS’

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