Friday, July 03, 2015

Priti Gulati Cox: "When the Personal Fits the Political Agenda" @ Counterpunch

Written by a Kansas resident-artist from "the Bruised Apple" Salina down the road from Manhattan a/k/a "the Little Apple." This was some of the best reporting I came across of the big day in the Topeka statehouse. 

[Excerpt]   ... Rep. Barton testified that he was a supporter of House Bill 2139, and that he found “her remarks offensive and disrespectful,” and that she “resorted to the tactic of choosing her target….I was one of those targets.” And Rep. Highland for his part said, “The inflammatory tone and words used in the speech were taken personally by several members of the committee, to include me.” Neither explained why he assumed that when Rep. Winn mentioned racism and bigotry she was referring to him.
Later that afternoon, five of the six panel members voted to drop the case against Rep. Winn; the chair, Rep. Davis, abstained. The complaint was dismissed. But afterward, Rep. Winn told me, “This isn’t over yet.” ... [End of Excerpt]

Read the complete article with video link at Counterpunch.

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