Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Sine Die" Statehouse Session June 26, 2015: Shaking off the morning dew, a dawn rising from the South

Kansas People's Action is rising up to the tyranny of the Kansas
Legislature in it's attempt to censure and expel Representative Valdenia Winn for standing up for the rights of immigrant children. 

We plan to leave Wichita at 5:30 AM on Friday, June 26, 2015 from our offices. 

We ask all to assemble at 1751 N. Ash, Wichita, Ks. The hearing will be held at 8:30 AM in room 582N and we will arrive in Topeka by 8:00 AM. 

If you're interested in joining us, please call 316-264-9972x49.

We have a bus and ask that you come prepared to provide a small donation. We'll update you with more details later this week.

Upon arrival, we will be delivering this petition: http://action.kansaspeoplesaction.org/page/s/we-support-valdenia-winn, to the members of the committee overseeing the hearing. 

If you haven't already signed it, Rep. Winn can use all the support she can get and your signature would be greatly appreciated. 

Please also share it with friends.

There are a number of other happenings from various groups at the statehouse on Friday that you may want to support and can be viewed by clicking this link:




8:30 AM, Room 582 North - Hearing for Rep. Valdenia Winn, accused of using "racially charged" language during an Education committee meeting earlier in the 2015 session
Accusers: Republican representatives Barton, Rhoads, Macheers, Bradford, Dove, Lunn, Highland, Hedke, and Barker

Defendant: Democratic Representative Valdenia Winn, she has been denied attorney representation per Hearing Committee Chair Republican Erin Davis (913-768-6408, 913-271-1095,   email at: erin@reperindavis.com)


10:00am House & Senate will gavel in for Sine Die, the formality that ends the Worst. Legislative. Session. Ever. 

The House & Senate have to clean up the property tax lid bill that they rushed through, so this may take a bit. 

They have to decide whether to wreck local governments now (July 2015) or later (2018). Fill the galleries (4th floor) & outside hallways (3rd & 4th floors), if necessary.

Equality Kansas has the 1st floor rotunda for an event at 10am. We are kindred spirits, sharing the same goals of equality for all. Democrats should feel free to attend this or sine die.

Following sine die, we can greet the legislators:

  1. outside their respective chambers; 
  2. on their way to the garage; 
  3. from the sidewalk near the garage exit as they leave the Capitol (northeast corner, near 8th & Jackson). 

Suggested signs for #3: "Enjoy the crappy roads you created on your ride home."

2:00pm: Possible 2nd session of the Winn hearing.

3:00pm: Human Chain Around the Capitol

Join us and our friends as we let Sam Brownback and the Republican-controlled legislature know that they've failed us for the last time. 

This session was the longest, most expensive ever. And who ends up paying the bill? You, me, everyone - except the 1%.

Taxing the poor and giving to the rich is no way to run a state government. 

**Details subject to change; check in June 25 for final schedule**

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