Friday, June 12, 2015

Burdett Loomis: "Topeka 2015 is beyond metaphor" @ Hays Post Ed/Op

Image Hat Tip: Sen. Anthony Hensley (D-Shawnee)
On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, the Kansas House of Representatives, and by extension the Kansas Legislature, and by further extension, the GOP-controlled government of Kansas imploded.

After the Kansas Senate cobbled together (and I mean no disrespect to shoe-makers) a regressive, mean-spirited tax bill to (barely) fill the state’s coffers, the House initially voted down that bill, 44-73, before heading into a death spiral in which support continually eroded as House leaders kept the vote open, first for two hours, then until Thursday morning, when it finally perished by a 21- 94. In other words, the GOP leadership somehow thought they could arm-twist 20 votes or so to eke out a win, on a speculative, regressive tax bill.

You cannot make this stuff up. In a career as a legislative scholar, I’ve seen a host of tricks, but this may take the cake, all in a useless, losing cause. Seriously, what is the matter with these folks? ... [End of Excerpt]

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