Monday, November 10, 2014

Uncle Academic's Post-Election Digest & Analysis

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FOCUS: Robert Parry | Obama's Last Chance

Robert Parry, Consortium News
Parry writes: "The Democrats clearly deserved to lose on Tuesday, though the Republicans may not have deserved to win. Indeed, there was almost a yin-yang quality to the Democratic rout/Republican victory in which the Democrats played into almost all the Republican themes, making the outcome feel inevitable."


26-year old founder of U.S. UnCut sends open letter to Democrats on young voter disillusion


How Native Americans beat the Kochs in 'America's most competitive' congressional district

=============================How President Obama can still help millions of Americans--and screw the GOP


How about some good news, Florida? 10 things to make you smile even after the election


Lake on Recovering From the Midterms; Hormats on Foreign Policy and Partisan Politics ('s Netcast for Week of Nov 9, 2014)
First, the midterm elections did not produce the outcomes progressives worked for, but Democratic strategist Celinda Lake has some thoughts on how the party can recover the next time around.

Next, foreign policy is too important to be caught up in partisan politics, says former Under Secretary of State Robert Hormats. He also has some thoughts about what went wrong in Iraq.

Then, Bill Press talks with Time Magazine’s Zeke Miller about the president's message following the midterms and what comes next.

And Jim Hightower gives his commentary on surrealistic rule in the Silicon Valley.=============================

Six Ways Americans Voted Against Corporate Power (Nation of Change)


Elizabeth Warren: It's Time to Work on America's Agenda (Washington Post OpEd)

Check out the right-on comment by justadog222 at 3:17 PM EST today (08 Nov 14). The article also draws out the standard Republican laissez faire scorn.


The reasons the Dems were crushed, and the likely lesson they'll take from the crushing (Daily Kos)

If you need to sound off about the election, Daily Kos is the best place to do it.
We have an active community of thousands of writers with a wide range of ideas about what progressives and Democrats should do next.
We have an audience that numbers in the millions, and blog posts from our community are regularly read by tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of people.
We have a recommending system that allow people to show their appreciation for each other, and for our most recommended content to receive more visibility.

Here are some post-election thoughts from our community diaries—progressives and Democrats like you who read Daily Kos. We don't endorse all of the ideas they share, but we do want to hear what people have to say.

We would be honored to have you chime in, and offer your perspective, too. You can do so by signing up here or logging in here.
The reasons the Dems were crushed, and the likely lesson they’ll take from the crushing
Where in the world can I go?
Enough already! Here is what I’m going to do, going forward.
Seriously, the Democrats have lost their minds
Democrats have their Schlitz Beer reckoning
How the Kansas Democratic Party drove itself to near extinction
Upset liberals are overthinking this election
Last night finally did it
MSNBC is right about this
Dear Democratic Party, Are you ready to fight yet?
Tuesday’s hangover: Historically low turnout is American democracy’s black eye Add your thoughts. Sign up and start blogging here, or log in and start blogging here.

Additional blog posts (on what has traction and what doesn't) that are on today's home page at The Daily Kos, but provided here with permanent links:

The view from California: Top election storylines from the Golden State, Part 1

Spying on students: Are we raising a generation comfortable with being under surveillance?

The Man Who Made the Democratic Party What It Is Today

Howard Dean slams Democrats: 'Where the hell is the Democratic Party'

Why Nancy Didn't Vote

Wisconsin: They deserved it ....

A Non-Voting View

To the Democratics who tanked

The 9% Have Spoken
What Florida Tells Us

President Obama must seize this moment and stake his claim to historical greatness

When you're done mourning these elections, what are you organizing for?

Ain't gonna let no Republicans turn me round!

Abbreviated pundit round-up

Sunday Talk: Perspective, please!

Yep, it was a record-breaking election for dark money

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