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Political Research Associates Week In Review, 07 July 2014


We hope you had an incredible 4th of July weekend!

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed down its ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, siding in favor of the for-profit corporation rather than the rights of individuals.

This ruling could end up being more infamous than

Citizens United, being the first time ever a private for-profit corporation was recognized as having religious beliefs.

PRA has been working non-stop since the ruling was issued, trying to help the public understand the broad implications of what SCOTUS has done. Not only the immediate ramifications, but the slippery slope they have placed civil rights on now that corporations can use religious exemptions to laws, and the broader view of the Right's attack on religious liberty. The campaign was designed to push back against marriage equality, non-discrimination laws, and

Roe v. Wade, but the implications go much much further, and could effect almost every person in the country directly.

On the Eyes Right Blog:

Demographic Winter: Right-Wing Prophecies of White Supremecy Decline--and what they mean for reproductive justice
Aviva Galpert

Summer intern Aviva Galpert writes about the documentary Demographic Winter, and how the Right's doomsday messaging around the end of White supremacy and "family values" is giving them global traction thanks to groups like the World Congress of Families.
Read the Full Article Here

Men's Rights Conference host says women who drink & dance are "begging" for rape
Alex DiBranco


The inaugural Conference for Men's Issues spared no time getting into dangerous, sexist, and violent rhetoric. Conference speakers have said that women who go out clubbing, accept drinks from men, or make out, "are not asking to be raped ... they're freaking begging for it." Another speaker has said that when a woman is verbally saying "No," men should instead listen to the "non-verbal yeses."

Read the Full Article Here

PRA Joins HBO's John Oliver to Discuss U.S. Conservatives Exporting the Culture Wars to Africa


Our comms director and Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma spent most of the week with the producers at Last Week Tonight, helping to prepare the show to accurately depict what is happening in Africa thanks to U.S. culture warriors like Rick Warren, Scott Lively, and Lou Engle.

Watch the Full Segment Here

PRA OpEd: Hobby Lobby Decision is a Threat to LGBTQ Civil Rights


Executive Director Tarso Luis Ramos and senior fellow Fred Clarkson co-write an OpEd for LGBTQ Nation about the Hobby Lobby ruling. Often, the LGBTQ rights movement and the reproductive justice movement are separated. PRA's OpEd attempts to bridge that gap, shedding some light on how civil rights issues are all intertwined. Read the full OpEd here.

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