Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Too Much Online, Free Weekly Newsletter, 26 May 2014

Thomas Piketty hasn’t just produced a book. He has produced a phenomenon — and we’re devoting this week’s entire Too Much to his new Capital in the Twenty-First Century. How could we not?

A few short months ago, after all, who would have ever imagined that a tome about inequality would be topping the bestseller lists? Or that an obscure French economist who cheerfully contemplates “confiscatory” taxes on the rich would have an audience with America’s highest tax official?

We did our first Too Much piece on Capital in the Twenty-First Century a month before the book’s official U.S. publication. Since then, a host of commentators have chimed in, some with insight, others with nonsense. We survey below this chattering class chatter.

We also offer our own take on Capital in the Twenty-First Century as well as a reader’s guide that can help you dig as deep into the Piketty perspective as you have the curiosity — and the time — to go.

So welcome to Thomas Piketty’s world. May our own come to share his vision. 

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