Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Michelle Farber: "We All Have To Be Brave" @ Socialist Worker

[Excerpt] FOR THE first time in my life, I gazed out of two large windows in my office and the thought drifted through my mind, "I wonder if these windows are bullet-proof?"

I am a nurse-midwife, and I work for a large system of clinics that provides all kinds of reproductive and primary health care, from birth control to well-woman exams. But we also provide another type of reproductive health service that makes us a target for anti-choice demonstrators: abortion. I live and practice in a state where nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives and physician's assistants can be medication abortion providers. I am proud to be an abortion provider and feel grateful to be able to provide this vital service to women who chose to terminate their pregnancies.
Members of Seattle Clinic Defense (Leela Yellesetty | SW)
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