Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Leslie Sazillo: "Updated: Florida Students Protest Koch Influence Over College Professors" @ Daily Kos

[Excerpt] ... Many of us have been aware of this type of corruption most of our adult lives. What's new is the blatant attempts, and actual buying/selling of our government, our media, our healthcare, our environment, and now our public education system. It's so easy. It's so… legal. Plus, how many other public colleges, high schools and elementary schools are, or will be, bought/influenced by dark money? One can only hope more Americans will rise up via the ilk of Occupy, Anonymous and WolfPAC. Something's got to give or something's going to snap. The Koch brothers are obviously not the only wealthy entity driven by money, greed and power. We are bound to see more and more of the corrupt 1% rear their ugly heads. It's so good to see students speaking out. I hope to see us 'diary' the hell out of these issues and get them out to the public, not only by having them published on this site, but by posting them ourselves, to social media networks ourselves. The people can turn this around - Only the people can stop this. But first we must become aware.

Read more at Daily Kos.

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