Friday, February 07, 2014

Wichita Eagle Editorial: "KanCare providers get squeezed"


[Excerpt] Delayed and denied payments from KanCare’s private insurance companies have gotten so bad that some service providers aren’t accepting Medicaid patients from certain companies.

Is this how privatization saves the state money? Is this what the providers of long-term care to Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities have to look forward to, now that the state has received federal approval to include these services in KanCare?

Deb Voth, president of Rainbows United in Wichita, told The Eagle editorial board that 90 percent of her agency’s billings to one of the managed-care organizations has not been paid. As a result, it is not accepting any more patients through that MCO.

Overall, nearly 50 percent of Rainbows’ billings to the three MCOs is in arrears, Voth said – and that is after Rainbows had an attorney shake some payments from the companies.

Read more of this editorial at The Wichita Eagle.

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