Sunday, February 02, 2014

Tim Carpenter: "Governor to head event on merging faith, politics" @ Political Runoff, Topeka Capital Journal

Lippoldt is a long-time reproductive health care clinic harasser from Wichita, Ks.

[Excerpt] ... Believers need to develop political skills to maneuver through the nation's ongoing cultural battles, said Culture Shield founder and director Donna Lippoldt.

"We need revival," she said. "We need a great awakening. It's time to cause a revolution. We need to get some freedom fighters up and going to take this country back. People are ready to do something."

Brownback, a Topeka Republican seeking re-election as governor, often makes reference to his faith at political events. He believes it would be a mistake for champions of the separation of church and state to dispatch religion from the public square.

He is expected to share a perspective on Kansas' spiritual heritage and encourage the audience to "be the tip of the spear from the heart of the nation," Lippoldt said. ...

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