Friday, February 07, 2014

George Kenney: "Podcast interview: Edward Lucas The Snowden Caper" @ Electric Politics

Dear Michael,

I felt that Sir David Omand was not really in a position to get his gripe on so I wanted to do one more Snowden show, this time with a senior editor at The Economist, Edward Lucas, who's got thirty years journalistic experience, including extensive expertise on Russia and espionage. Lucas has written an ebook, The Snowden Operation: Inside the West's Greatest Intelligence Disaster, just published last week and available for 99₵ from Amazon. He does what other journalists do not do, e.g., he refuses to take Snowden's story at face value. In any case, if the Pentagon Papers are the template I remain unconvinced that the theft of vast archives of highly classified material, per Bradley/Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, will have any net positive effect on policy or good governance. Indeed, quite the opposite. And I remain distressed that so many liberals have convinced themselves otherwise...

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