Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Letter to the Editor Diane Wahto 28 Jan. 2014 @ The Wichita Eagle

Behind curtain

The recent sonogram presentation in the Legislature was a good analogy for the anti-choice attitude toward women (Jan. 23 Local & State). In the pictures of the presentation, a pregnant woman disappears behind a curtain, while the fetus is clearly evident on the computer monitor.

When anti-choice advocates talk about criminalizing abortion and closing abortion clinics, their only goal is to make sure women carry their pregnancies to term. They never acknowledge that women have good reasons for seeking abortions as well as the moral power to make that decision. Anti-choice zealots do not acknowledge that making access to abortion difficult often results in harming women. Criminalizing abortion and creating onerous restrictions will not end abortion. It will only put women in the same danger they were in before Roe v. Wade.

No matter what anti-choice zealots say, abortion clinics staffed by doctors and other qualified medical personnel are safe places for women to exercise their freedom of choice. Making women disappear behind the curtain will not keep women safe.


Published 28 Jan. 2014, Wichita Eagle

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