Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jeffery Ann Goudie: "Kansas: The Surreal State of the State" @ Huffington Post

[Excerpt] The 2014 Kansas legislative session kicked off with more than a prayer -- a prayer fest. For the third consecutive year the Old Supreme Courtroom of the Statehouse was occupied by religious conservatives on the eve of the legislature's opening. Irony bumped up against doctrine.

This year's event was organized by Concerned Women for America and something called the Culture Shield Network. Governor Sam Brownback spoke at this event, but not before the spokeswoman from the Culture Shield Network held forth.

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, the spokeswoman exhorted the audience to take an active interest in their children's education: "I pray that these children will come out so strong that we will not lose any of them to secular colleges," she said. She also warned against the teaching of evolution and the notion that some of the founding fathers were Deists.

This bizarre scenario wasn't church, this was state -- or at least the Statehouse -- and the constitution that is revered by social conservatives is very firm on the separation of the two. That separation has gone the way of the Passenger Pigeon in Kansas. If not extinct, it is surely endangered.

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