Monday, February 11, 2013

Mark Provost:"Protesters Confront CEO and "Fix the Debt" Leader over Corporate Tax Breaks" @ Truthout

Image Hat Tip: The Brownback Tax Scam on Facebook.

... Three minutes into Cote's keynote address, the first heckler trumpeted:  
"Fix the Debt claims to seek bipartisan solutions to reduce the deficit, but Fix the Debt is nothing more than a CEO lobby whose real objective is huge corporate tax breaks and drastic cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. David Cote and his CEO friends receive a lot from government: In 2011, Honeywell received $725 million in government deals, making it the 35th largest federal contractor. However, Honeywell and other companies pay next to nothing in taxes. Honeywell's tax rate from 2008-2011 was 2 percent. Does anyone in this room pay 2 percent?"
The crowd applauded, but Cote only laughed nervously. ...

[End of Excerpt]

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