Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kansas Press Association calls for public outrage at latest legislative attempt to define open meetings!

Topeka statehouse: last refuge of scoundrels.

February 2013

Legislative bills threaten KOMA, public notice
FEBRUARY 25, 2013
The Kansas Press Association is following a number of bills that threaten the Kansas Open Meetings act and public notices in newspapers.
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Conducting business in public 'too restricting'?
FEBRUARY 18, 2013
A legislator from Derby thinks the best way to ensure he and his colleagues don’t run afoul of the Kansas Open Meetings Act is to amend it so lawmakers and other government officials can discuss the public’s business just about whenever and wherever they please without notifying the public.
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KPA labels KOMA bill prescription for illegal discussions
FEBRUARY 15, 2013
Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor's investigation into a series of legislative dinners at the governor's mansion last year has inspired a Wichita-area legislator to draft a bill intended to clarify such gatherings are legal under the Kansas Open Meetings Act.
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