Tuesday, February 05, 2013

John Celock: "Kansas Abortion Bill Opponent Prepare for Comeback" @ HuffPo

... Kansas legislators said they expect the bill to be introduced within weeks. Kinzer did not return messages for comment. Rep. Barbara Bollier (R-Mission Hills), a retired physician who helped lead the fight against last year's bill, said the personhood provision likely would be placed in a separate bill, along with a new measure to prevent abortions after a fetal heartbeat has been detected.

Bollier said she expects to work to block the new legislation. She said she opposes any measure that would inject government between the doctor and patient. She also noted that House Speaker Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell) has said he doesn't want social issues to dominate the legislative session. Merrick confirmed that, saying he wants to focus on fiscal issues.

The abortion legislation has a better shot of passing this year. The state Senate, which blocked its passage last year, became more conservative following the 2012 election. Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has told HuffPost that he will sign any anti-abortion bill that reaches his desk. Moderates have warned that Brownback and his allies, including the Wichita-based Koch brothers, want to turn the state into an"ultraconservative utopia." ...

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