Friday, January 04, 2013

The George Kenney Podcast @ Electric Politics

Counting Electors

Face painted with American flagIf the Republican Party were to adopt a scorched earth policy — counting electors one way in certain swing states and another way in solid red states — they could conceivably lock in a Republican presidential win for the next several election cycles. As a practical matter it would not, in fact, be difficult to do; politically, it would be the functional equivalent of secession. The only effective Democratic counter, the National Popular Vote plan (which would be a good thing anyway under any circumstances), might not be as easy to implement. Scorched earth, or compromise? Over the next few months we'll learn which direction the Republicans take. To explain what's happening I turned to Rob Richie, of FairVote. Thanks, Rob, for paying attention where others don't! Total runtime forty seven minutes. Adscrīptus glēbae.

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