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Stoking the Fires! Saturday High Noon @ Radio Free Kansas!

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Posted as a comment on Megan Hart’s 08 Jan. 2013 article in the Topeka Capital Journal, “Kansas Chamber president pushes for more tax cuts.

From Megan Hart's article:  "O’Neal, a Republican who until recently served as speaker of the state House of Representatives, said he anticipated a tough sell for the governor on the sales tax issue. Those who pushed the sales tax before will rally against an extension to deny Brownback a victory, he said, and those within the governor’s own party will be stuck pushing an increase they object to on principle.

“Who’s going to be expected to pass the extension of the sales tax? The most fiscally conservative members of the House and Senate,” he said. [end of excerpt]

If ever there was a veiled threat to public services and to those that provide safety, health and the general welfare to the super-majority in Kansas (including the poorest of our communities) the quote Reporter Hart spliced coming out of Mike O' Neal's mouth fits.  

Unlike law enforcement, health care workers, educators and, yes, even lawyers who have an established professional code of conduct; Mike O' Neal now speaks for the most savage of society's animals ... joining the crooks from the highest towers of Wall Street to the lowest of criminal psychopaths in the sewers, today's ungovernable species of the "greed is good" mob.

As Mr. Happy described the ugly truths of the campaign "literature" which smeared the Chamber's political opponents and incited the most depraved racist social base of the Kansas Republican Party to vote, so comes marching triumphant the former elected officer Mike O'Neil as Caesar into the gilded chambers of Rome in Topeka.  

Unlike Julius Caesar who upon seating himself as emperor, acknowledged the usurious  hardships imposed by the "greed is good" mobsters declaring as a true progressive populist; periods of free rent outlawing evictions, bread to the hungry, offering slaves citizenship; CEO O' Neal has taken the baton in hand with Brownback, the Kochs, the energy monopolies, the theocratic zealots and others to beat the suffering majority of citizens into submission.

Never has a more topsy turvey period in history been seen since Dear Old Kansas had similar slave owners and their supporters first stormed Lawrence in bloody reprisal against the Free State supporters of the 1850s.  

To paraphrase the power mad Grover Norquist, cohort of the former Sen. Tom Delay (now sentenced to three years in federal prison) Chamber of Commerce CEO Mike O' Neal and his conspirators in the statehouse have the progressive "baby in the bathtub" of Kansas and are preparing to drown it for the cause of "less government."

Contrary to O' Neal, Brownback, or Wichita's economic philosopher and king Charles Koch; America's most wealthy do not always win.

I will prove it to you, prepare to listen next Saturday High Noon to those who know the peoples' history.

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