Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scott Rothschild: "Brownback Administration Seeks Input On Proposed Tax Changes" @ Lawrence Journal World

Mic Check! "Flip It to Fix It!"
Lawrence Journal World reporter Scott Rothschild broke the short announcement that Brownback's Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan will be holding public meetings this THURSDAY at three locations in the state.

Ottawa, Independence and Emporia are listed with the time and locations at the Lawrence Journal World.

Check out WHERE these meetings are taking place while most taxpayers are at work. It should be illegal to call them "public" meetings

And dig those comments, lol.

Too bad we can't organize a Cyber Swarm on these places, or occupy, General Assembly.

For the brave and lonely who may go, here is some TAX REFORM ammunition to throw at Sec. Jordan.

Travel to the report "Flip It to Fix It" done by the United for Fair Economy think tank. There you can download a state by state model that proves that by lowering the highest taxed on those at the bottom who are paying all those "hidden" taxes and flipping that rate on the highest income groups a $400 million - plus surplus is collected.

Check it out at http://faireconomy.org/flipitreport

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