Thursday, December 22, 2011

Press Releases: Indelicate Depravities of Holiday Rural Life @ Federal Bureau of Investigation

Okay, it's my headline, but the FBI news stories seem somehow appropriate in my current McScrooge attitude.

My Grinchiness has much to do with witnessing the holiday spirits of those in rural America, not seasoned with Norman Rockwell publicity snaps, Currier & Ives snowy pictorials contrasted with the urban shopper anarchy of Black Fridays, rampaging to the Big Box chain stores in their suburban season.

It has to be said, "one cannot make this shit up."

August, 2011, Independence, Mo.

Catholic Priest Indicted for Producing Child Pornography Indictment Alleges Sexual Exploitation of Five Child Victims, Some on Church Property

October, 2011, Columbia, Mo.

Columbia Man Pleads Guilty to Coerced Sex Trafficking of a Child 

December, 2011, Kirkwood, Mo.

Kirkwood Man Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking Will Receive 20 Years in Prison for Torturing Woman Who Was Coerced as Sex Slave

And again closing the year out, December, 2011, Columbia, Mo.

Columbia Man Pleads Guilty to Robbing Banks, Pharmacy 

Okay, so the argument from the Left goes, "if we got rid of the pernicious influences of capitalism, hierarchical patriarchies, imperialist conclaves of financial speculation and militarism. All of this would go away."

And lest we forget, the argument from the Right goes, "if we just returned to the original U. S. Constitution, eliminate all the Bill of Rights after the first ten, force our religions down all the other people's throats, invoke the sacredness of private property and let us beat our kids and wives into submission. Everything will be okay. It's called 'Liberty.'"

And I haven't listed the "white collar" crimes of embezzlement, mortgage fraud, Ponzi schemes or the bank robberies.  Lots of them, too.  

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