Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keystone XL Pipeline Will Be A Disaster - Kochs Love It

The oil field that Keystone XL will serve is the largest single-site environmental disaster in human history.

Hundreds of square miles of boreal forests vital to regulating the climate, have been destroyed for the tar sand, a low grade petroleum ore, beneath them.

Tar sand requires three gallons of water to refine every gallon of highly corrosive crude oil.

This leaves behind huge lakes of toxic sludge that pollute rivers and kill wildlife. Tar sands developments could transform much of northeastern Alberta into a gutted, lifeless, toxic wasteland.

The pipeline will carry a million barrels a day of corrosive crude across the environmentally-sensitive Yellowstone and Missouri rivers and the vital Ogallala aquifer, posing the threa of another toxic disaster.

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