Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Press Release: "Sixteen Individuals Arrested in the United States for Alleged Roles in Cyber Attacks" @ Federal Bureau of Investigation

Subtitle: More Than 35 Search Warrants Executed in United States, Five Arrests in Europe as Part of Ongoing Cyber Investigations ...
The beat goes on ...

Also related: Within the hacker community, many are watching the fate of one individual who goes by the handle "Sabu" and who is suspected of involvement in multiple operations including the attacks on HBGary and later the hacking spree perpetrated by the Anonymous spinoff group LulzSec. Sabu has claimed involvement in yesterday's hacking of the British newspaper The Sun, and wrote on his Twitter feed that LulzSec will soon release stolen emails from the News Corp-owned tabloid.

Sabu claimed Tuesday on Twitter that he was not involved in the day's police operations, despite several attempts by hackers in opposition to Anonymous to publicly identify him. One hacker who goes by the name th3j35t3r recently published a suspected name and Portugese address for Sabu on his blog. The LulzSec hacker responded Tuesday by taunting th3j35t3r over the arrests: "Damn, it must hurt you emotionally that I was not part of that." - From Yahoo News.

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