Monday, July 18, 2011

Linn Washington, Jr.: "Why Can't Presidents and Media Moguls 'Do the right thing'?" @ This Can't Be Happening!

At last someone is asking the right questions, Linn Washington from TCBH! has this early morning post and it is well worth reading.

Many Midwestern news viewers their minds dulled with delusions of a "conservative" majority have yet to appreciate the arrests taking place within the billionaire Murdoch News Corp. empire.

These same people, in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri (their brains baking through a fourth consecutive day of triple digit global warming heat, predicted to continue for another week) despise President Obama so much that they do not recognize the compromises he has handed the ultra-right of the Republicans in congress to pass the "debt ceiling" extension.

Many Midwestern folks have had years of unfair "news" pumped to them from every media outlet, Fox News and many local broadcasters, publishers and elected politicians have made "conservative" an excuse to deny climate change; even as the largest droughts and heat waves cook their own areas.

Strangely, the same people, cannot consider the Cold War over, weirdly cling to ancient paranoid positions of the John Birch Society, the Ku Klux Klan and routinely repeat the same worn out rhetoric of America as global cop and priest.

Linn Washington casts all that crazy talk aside and writes a stunner for us to consider here in the so-called "Heartland." - Mike


U.S. President Barack Obama suddenly takes hard-line stances against his Republican political adversaries after over two years of meek accommodation.

International media mogul Rupert Murdoch suddenly exhibits uncharacteristic humility when dealing with escalating scandals in England and America erupting from vicious and illegal activities by employees of his many media entities.

Do these unprecedented actions by these two extremely powerful men make them candidates for “Do the Right Thing” awards?

President Obama is publicly lashing GOP Capitol Hill leaders for being obstructionist.

Obama’s new strident rhetoric arises from his being stung by Republicans spurning his rather conservative compromise solutions to the impasse on increasing America’s debt ceiling, solutions that include the President’s shocking many in his Democratic base by embracing domestic spending cuts favored by conservatives—like slashing Social Security and Medicare.

Rupert Murdoch, a man not noted for demonstrating any capacity for contrition, has shocked many by offering apologies and even embracing investigations.

In seeking to staunch the spiraling governmental investigations and public dissatisfaction arising from illegal activities by some of his employees and top executives, Murdoch is even accepting resignations from some of his most trusted executives.

One of those executives is Wall Street Journal publisher Lee Hinton who worked with Murdoch for fifty-years. Hinton appears to have provided England’s Parliament with misleading information during a cover-up of a previous misconduct scandal by Murdoch’s English news employees.

The FBI is now reportedly investigating allegations of illegal acts by Murdoch employees including their trying to illegally obtain the telephone records of relatives of 9/11 victims. Evidence of telephone and email hacking scandals in England by Murdoch employees now include police investigations into their misdeeds against former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

On the surface, it might appear that Obama’s willingness to offer major spending cuts to achieve compromise with Republicans and Murdoch’s decision to close his most profitable newspaper in England plus shake-up his secretive empire are laudable examples of doing ‘The Right Thing.’

But looks are deceiving. ...

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