Monday, July 18, 2011

Bill McKibben: "The Great American Carbon Bomb" @ Tom Dispatch

... Two weeks ago, for instance, a few veteran environmentalists, myself included, issued a call for protest against Canada’s plans to massively expand oil imports from the tar sands regions of Alberta. We set up a new website,, and judging from the early response, it could result in the largest civil disobedience actions in the climate-change movement’s history on this continent, as hundreds, possibly thousands, of concerned activists converge on the White House in August. They’ll risk arrest to demand something simple and concrete from President Obama: that he refuse to grant a license for Keystone XL, a new pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico that would vastly increase the flow of tar sands oil through the U.S., ensuring that the exploitation of Alberta’s tar sands will only increase. ...

Read more at Tom Dispatch and related around the Wichita, Ks. Koch billionaire interests in the Keystone pipeline, see Watchdog Progressive: "Tarsands: What is Keystone XL? Can You Say Koch?"

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